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This looks absolutly incredible! The peice pretty much pop up and looks unique in compare the other submissions. The expression on Spring's face and her interaction with the rest of the animals creates a very warm feeling, even thow it's winter out there.. it's absolutly beautiful!

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Fevia responds:

Thank you for your nice words and the feedback! I like your entry aswell; I love it how you use the watercolours!

I can't believe you had the same idea as mine! XD
Even with that polar bear... My depection of winter is riding on a polar bear and fighting againts spring (sort of...)
But you know what they say... great minds thinks alike (or something like that :P).
You manage to reverse the common ideas and feelings about spring and winter, and I think it's very refreshing.
Great coloring, and great expression on winter (poor guy.. or child?), it's very relatable.
I'm also not a native speaker so I guess you didn't mind if I made some grammer mistake :P
Anyway... Good luck at the competition!

MetAnnie responds:

Thank you very much for the review! I feel so much calmer now, and it's good to know that someone similar to me exists! :)

So far it's one of the best peices I saw on this competition. I like the fact that winter seemed unique in your artwork compare to other winter depiction on this challange (old man).
You have great artistic skills, the painting is well put together and absolutly beautiful.
Good luck! (although it seems you don't really need it ;))

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Azandie responds:

Thank you for your kind words. I had so much fun creating the Miss Winter character! I find the level and variety of artistry on this site absolutely mind-blowing. it's still very early in the challenge but I had another project coming up and had to finish as early as possible- I can't wait to see all of the other entries!


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